A moment with Dorothy Pine

                                                Dorothy has been a volunteer at the Gila Valley Library for over 10 years.  She is an extremely valued member of the library team.  Her consistent contact with patrons over the years gives her a wonderful first-hand perspective of patron wants and needs. . When asked about Library Service, Dorothy shared the following.
About ten years ago I stopped at the Gila Valley Library, which was located in the old Community Center building, and received my library card, #300.  I decided to volunteer and soon received my front desk training. At that time we used the old card catalogue system.  (Do you remember your card being put in the book pocket?) Eventually we switched to a computerized system that really speeded up the checking in and out of books. We also added several computers.  But, as our collections grew, our Community Center space became so crowded---could only accommodate 2 or 3 people at a time. 
About 5 years ago we renovated the old HMS medical clinic building just across the road.  Wow!  We had so much more space.  A children’s section was set up and activities for children flourish. Parents bring in their children and help them pick out books.  It’s a joy to see the children’s smiles when get their own library card and number.  Adults will come into the library to find information about some subject and I am happy to try to help them. I also enjoy providing information about books and DVD’s. . It is nice to be part of such a worthwhile effort. We do have a COMMUNITY library shared by all
Thank you, Dorothy for sharing your recollections and thoughts on being a library volunteer.  You are a wonderful part of our past and present.


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